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When Life Changes 6-8-2019

that there are two constant things – change and God.  Change happens at every moment yet in the those moments God never changes!                                                                        

                                                                          Pastor Tony Montenegro                                           

Ada’s Eyes 6-1-2019

What determines how GOD sees you?

What determines how you see GOD?

What determines how you see others?

Are your answers to these 3 questions the same or different?                                                                                                                                                                 Elder Donna Jennings

Celebrate 5-25-2019

What does God celebrate? In our experience with God, He invites us to not only do the works He is doing around us, but also to celebrate what He celebrates. What is it that God celebrates?                                                                                  Pastor Nate Elias

Eternal Agenda 5-18-2019

Have you considered what your eternal person’s agenda is? Consider that no matter your status in this world, you are called to be a spiritual leader.

                                                                     Pastor Nate Elias                                                                                                                                                        

Service 5-11-2019

The discipline of service is less about doing and more about being. Being present in relationship with God is expressed through being in relationship with others. How we treat the body of Christ reflects our relationship with Christ.

                                                                              Pastor Nate Elias

Confession 4-27-2019

The Discipline of Confession is necessarily a popular practice of the Christian faith. While some may feel that confession is a sign of weakness, Foster points out that, confession “is a means of healing and transforming the inner spirit.”  .                                                                                   Pastor Nate Elias

Waiting 4-20-2019

As we celebrate the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, let’s consider the time from Friday evening to Sunday morning while Christ rested in the tomb. The disciples were left waiting – uncertain, questioning, doubting. When we encounter those times in our lives that God appears to be silent, how do we react to waiting?  

.                                                                      Pastor Nate Elias                               

Worship 4-6-2019

As we transition from personal inward focused disciplines to outward focused disciplines, our first expression should be in worship of the God who was, who is, who will always be.                                                                                    Pastor Nate Elias

Meditation 3-30-2019

The spiritual discipline of meditation is often misinterpreted as having to do with Eastern religions. Christian meditation is a beautiful practice that too many Christian have avoided because they fear the spiritualism of Eastern religions. Throughout scripture we are shown how God invites us to meditate on His words, his character, upon who He is as God.                                                                                                                                                                                  Pastor Nate Elias