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From Bad Things to a Brighter Day 1-18-2020

“As Christians, we are often confronted with questions about why God lets bad things happen. Today we will explore the origin of bad things, their impact on our lives, and our assurance of a brighter future.” –Brian Cummings

Intergenerational Church–Personal 1-04-2020

“Throughout scripture one can see that each generation was shaped by previous generations. Unfortunately, in recent times, generations tend to hold back and sometimes hide the most important human qualities rather than imparting the gifts of life. The church can only function in an intergenerational model.” –Pastor Nate Elias, DMin

Song Two 12-21-2019

“When given back his voice Zechariah sings a two-part song of recognition to the saving power of God and the invitation of sharing the relevance of accepting God’s salvation. Like the world surrounding Israel, our world today has moved beyond God and salvation. We are called to be modern John the Baptists–opening the eyes of the world to the salvation that comes only through God.” –Pastor Nate Elias

Off Air 12-07-2019

“We are in a post Christian era where talking about Jesus often doesn’t resonate with secular family and friends. At Christ’s birth, living under Roman governance, left most, like today, disconnected from the impact of living in the presence of the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.”