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Our Nostalgic God 3-26-2022

A sense of nostalgia can be heightened during periods of stress, hardship, and disappointment. It’s human nature to be nostalgic, but maybe it’s also part of a divine nature, as well; maybe it’s something we inherited from being made in the image of God. Partaking in the Lord’s Supper celebrates Christ’s action on our behalf to restore us to what humankind once used to be, before sin. —Pastor Denny Grady

Can God Trust Me? 3-12-2022

Health, money, talents, energy, knowledge, skill set, faith, time, integrity…the list of resources and blessings God gives goes on and on. How are we using what He has entrusted to us? All that we have is already His–He has just loaned it to us to be used for Him. –Pastor Denny Grady

The Last Issue, for the Last Church, in the Last Days 3-05-2022

Our world is rife with strife, stress, and “doomsday preparations.” What is our role as believers in times of crises and stress? How are we responding to the events around us? The answer to those questions depends on who or what we are trusting in! Trust is not a mere belief; it is an ongoing practice every day. If we don’t trust God now, how will we do so later? What are our lives communicating about who or what we trust in? –Pastor Denny Grady

Who Do You Trust? 2-26-2022

The issue of trust is an important one to us. When we read God’s Word, we realize how important it is to Him, as well. Over and over again, the Bible teaches us about trust, and gives numerous examples of people who chose to put real trust in God despite their situations. When all is said and done, and the rubber meets the road–who do YOU trust?

–Pastor Denny Grady

Let My Love Open the Door 2-12-2022

Why is there such resistance to Christ’s tender invitation to open the door or our hearts to Him? Are we more enamored with our own wants and agendas? Are we more concerned with the criteria of the ones we are seeking than what we have to offer? As we accept the lordship of Christ, we are to fulfill the role as a living, breathing, healing organism known for Christ’s acts of love and grace. –Pastor Denny Grady

The Unbaptized Arm: Why Lordship is Necessary, Part II

Partial obedience is not obedience at all, it’s just convenience. Lordship settles the four “P” issues in our lives: position, permission, profession, and possession. Have we asked God to change the things within us that we are powerless to change in ourselves? –Pastor Denny Grady

Center Vs. Circumference: Why Lordship is Necessary, Part I 1-29-2022

Who has the right to “my” life? Lordship settles the selfishness and humanism issue in our lives. The issue of lordship forces us to make a choice between masters–that of self or God. It’s more than just what we say–it’s also what we do. This week’s sermon focuses on two issues that lordship settles: that of position and permission. –Pastor Denny Grady

Of Flies, Rings and Souls: What is Lordship? 1-22-2022

What does it really mean to give God lordship over my life? Have I personally settled this Lordship issue? If not now, when will I? Am I willing to be made willing? The fact remains that if we don’t trust God IN ALL, we don’t trust him AT ALL. –Pastor Denny Grady