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What’s in Your Wallet? 8-28-2021

“What’s in YOUR wallet? What does your money say to you? Money is a major factor in focusing our lives. Is there meaning in our spending and giving? God asks us to give faithfully and generously, and He is faithful to care for us now, just as He always has.” –Pastor Denny Grady

Have You Tasted My Jesus?

“How do you know what something tastes like unless you actually eat it? In the same way, how do you know what Jesus is like unless you’ve personally tasted and seen that He is good (Ps. 34:8)? Eating meals requires constantly returning to the table, and the same is true for being spiritually fed and remaining full. Give Jesus a try for yourself–and keep going back for more!” –Pastor Denny Grady

Stones, Sand, Sin & Salvation 8-07-2021

Think about this: God’s laws are written in stone–they’re permanent (Ex. 20). Our sins have been written in sand (John 8)–they’re forgivable and temporary through repentance and acceptance of Jesus’s salvation and sacrifice. Even more amazing, is the fact that each of our names is not written on stone tablets or in the sand, but on the very palms of His hands (Is. 49:14-16). Jesus is the Rock who became sin for us and carries us in His hands. –David Denton

Stepping into Miracle Territory 7-31-2021

Homer Dodge once said, “If you want to experience interesting things, you must put yourself where interesting things happen.” The same can be said about experiencing miracles, can’t it? Let’s spend some time together looking at how we can place ourselves in “miracle territory.” –Pastor Denny Grady

To Be Like Jesus 7-17-2021

“How can we be like someone as great and as perfect as Jesus? How can we maintain the character of Christ when we live in a desolate place? On the Island of Patmos, John got a glimpse of Christ’s selfless service as our Savior and High Priest, His holy character, and His refreshing voice. John’s recorded vision offers encouragement and strength as we strive to be like Jesus each day.” -Pastor Cody Paige

Maintaining Excellence 7-10-2021

“The secret to champions achieving success is the ability to maintain excellence over long stretches of time. Joseph did not allow his circumstances to change him–he changed his circumstances. He learned the valuable lesson that when you can’t hear the consistent voice of God, you must trust His constant presence.” –Pastor Cody Paige

Can They Build with You? 7-03-2021

The biblical book of Ezra teaches us a lot about what it takes to spiritually (and physically) build on a firm foundation. Along with needing wisdom, teamwork, discretion, perseverance, patience, and faithfulness, we also need the ability to say “yes” and “no” to people at the right times. God gives us the wisdom we need to persevere even amidst the most daunting circumstances. –Pastor Cody Paige

Seeking to Save 6-26-2021

Through the three parables found in Luke 15, we see how God reaches out to save what is lost. Who is God touching your heart to reach out to today? Remembering God’s love, patience, and compassion He has shown to us should inspire a gratitude and willingness to seek out and share with others who God is, and what He has done in our lives. –Grant Wolters