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Let the Fire Fall 7-16-2022

“The kind of fire that Jesus longs for us to manifest and share is the fire of love for others in our lives. God works in ways that cause inner refinement through the presence of the Holy Spirit in our hearts. We need the fire of His spirit to fall on us–to be flame growers rather than flame throwers.” –Pastor Denny Grady

By the Dawn’s Early Light 7-02-2022

“Today, as we contemplate the opening line of this anthem, we should continue to ask ourselves what else we are able to see in the first glimpses of that light? If the light that dawns is not strong enough or bright enough to reveal the faults that lie around the flagpole, then it is up to us–the followers of Jesus–to increase the intensity of light, and to boldly live and speak truth to the country that we love. It’s up to the church to share the news about the light of another dawn–a new dawn of hope restored, and redemption, in Jesus.” –Pastor Denny Grady

What You Can Know for Sure 6-25-2022

“In a world rocked by uncertainty and change, how can we be certain of anything–especially spiritual things? 1 John 5:1-6 reminds those who say “yes” to Him of three things: 1) We are children of God, 2) Christ died for us to atone for sin and was raised to life, 3) Children of God are sin-conquerors through Jesus’ indwelling spirit and presence in us through our constant surrender to Him. This is definitely good news in a world of growing uncertainty and challenges! Jesus also gave us the practice and remembrance of Communion to remind us of His sacrifice for our sins, His ongoing presence in our lives, and His promise to come back again.” –Pastor Denny Grady

Perspective 6-18-2022

“How often does God tell us something that doesn’t make sense to us at the time, and we brush it aside? God doesn’t always ask us to do the things we’re good at, or are comfortable with. As you surrender and respond to God’s call on your heart and continuously choose to press into it, He changes your heart to where your desires match His.” –Kasey Norton, Thailand Missionary

Psalm 23 6-11-2022

Psalm 23 proclaims God’s love ad His provision for us. The inclusion of the book of Psalms in the Bible fleshes out some very real components of what a relationship with God is like. Inspired confessions, complaints, prayers, praises, and thanksgiving are just some of the elements contained within the Psalms. Psalm 23 details the Savior’s intense and personal care for his children. –Amy Cirigliano

A Soldier’s Heart 5-28-2022

“Would you classify yourself as having the heart of a soldier–a good soldier for Jesus Christ? Perhaps you haven’t made that initial enlistment to become a follower. Jesus our Commander says that there is still room for you! Maybe there is something in your life that has caused you to lose your way, or even go AWOL. Paul reminds us that there is no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus (Romans 8:1). In Jesus, the heart of a warrior is revealed.” –Pastor Denny Grady

Arise and Go 5-21-2022

“Once we know the will of God, will we do it, even if it challenges our comfort zone? By following God’s directive, Phillip met the Ethiopian eunuch where he was, and a life was changed forever. God has specific salvation plans for each of us as we interact with each other–let’s be open and willing to follow His lead and His methods. — Pastor Denny Grady

Avoiding PBA 5-14-2022

Whenever we embark on a new adventure with God, it is important to not let the journey veer off down side roads of discouragement, comparison games, prideful ventures, or distractions from the mission God has given. Staying in step with Him keeps us on the right track! –Pastor Richard Pinero