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Failure & Success

“At some point in one’s spiritual journey, there is a realization that the point of arrival isn’t fulfilled until one arrives in heaven. Thinking that one “arrives” here on earth leads to a feeling of hopelessness and failure. Success comes through living in the journey with Jesus.

“Do You Love Me?” 3-07-2020

“As children, we learn of so many Bible characters and their stories. Who are some of the Bible heroes and people to admire? Abraham, Moses, Samuel, David, Daniel–maybe even Paul or some Old Testament prophets. In your top five list, I wonder if anyone would place Peter in that group of great Bible characters. Today we will explore the transformation of Peter.”

Culture & Christianity 2-08-2020

Daniel Blackaby hold a PhD in “Christianity and the Arts” from the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. He is the author/co-author of eight books, including the YA Fantasy trilogy “The Lost City Chronicles.” He will be addressing issues that impact our culture and Christianity today.

20/20 Spiritual Vision 1-25-2020

“Have you ever stood before the eye chart–you know, the one with all of the letters that gets progressively smaller–and thought, ‘I wonder how this is going to go?’ Coming into this new year of 2020, I would like you to consider another eye chart–the spiritual kind. This chart is the one God uses. How is your spiritual eyesight? Are you focused on God? Are you in tune with the way He wants you to see?”