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Prayerful Fasting 1-30-2021

“Whether you have chosen to fast for our Prayerful Fasting week or as a     regular spiritual discipline, it is encouraging to revisit the experiences of those who fasted in scripture. As we observe some of those experiences, let us prayerfully be open to learning, to be motivated to take risks so that we may know God differently and sense him in new ways. I am excited about our Prayerful Fasting week—will you come on the journey with me?”

Pastor Tony Montenegro 

Your Position in this New Administration 1-23-2021

“Jesus’s mission on earth did not contain a political agenda. Though He was the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, He came not with a policy or attitude of superiority, but one of service and sacrifice. He embodied what the church’s mission is to be, now and always.” –Pastor Cody Paige