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The Good Fight 5-08-2021

“One of Paul’s last letters contains some of the most heartfelt messages from this great apostle. It seems Paul was aware that his time was coming to an end, and he needed to give his ‘beloved son’ words of wisdom and guidance. I wonder if Paul’s wisdom with Timothy applies to us today in these ever-changing times. Journey with me as we look at what Paul wrote from the prison in Rome.” –Pastor Tony Montenegro

Preparing for Eternity 5-01-2021

“As we celebrate Shoal Creek Adventist School’s Education Sabbath today with music and scripture, we are reminded that the work that we do here on earth plants seeds that lead to a heavenly harvest. Who and what are you investing in?” Grant Wolters, SCAS Principal

Creative Differences 4-24-2021

“What happens when God’s plans and yours conflict? When His will and yours clash? Jonah’s story reveals some surprising insights into what following God and serving Him truly means. Are we serving God to “preserve” our Christianity or to seek to save the lost? How many of us are doing “good things” for God while living all the while in rebellion to what He has actually called us to?” –Pastor Cody Paige

Lessons from Children 4-10-2021

“Jesus valued children very highly. In fact, He said that in order to see the kingdom of God adults must become like them. What did He mean by this? There are six very important principles we can learn from children for improving relationships–with God and with others. Let’s take a look at what they are.” –Skoog Fordham

Celebrating the Wrong Savior 4-03-2021

“The same crowd that sang ‘hosanna’ chanted ‘crucify him’ less than a week later. Why did the same crowd who loved Him on Sunday murder Him on Friday? Jesus came to fulfill God’s will, and He did so fully and completely. Easter reminds us that even when we don’t understand God’s will, we can always trust His heart.” –Pastor Cody Paige