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Church, Family or Both? 10-07-2017

Over the years of the development of a more defined children’s and youth ministry, the church and family seem to partner less in the mission of transmitting the gospel to younger generations. “The average church only has 40 hours in a given year to influence a life. The average parent has 3,000 hours per year to influence a life.” – Joiner
~Pastor Nate Elias

Love your Neighbor 09-30-2017

Donald Trump, the Ku Klux Klan, Black Lives Matter, Anitfa, Women’s Ordination, and Unity through Uniformity – all have something in common – they rarely follow God’s second great command, “Love your Neighbor.” In a world and a church bent on divisive controversy, Jesus says that loving our neighbor is on equal standing with “Love the Lord your God.” How do Christians follow God’s command in a divisive world?
~Pastor Nate Elias

Living Power 09-23-2017

At the end of a superhero movie, I tend to imagine myself with one of their powers. I have a suspicion, I am not alone in this imagining. Be honest – you have thought of what power you would want. Maybe the ability to fly, have superhuman strength, be invisible, or read people’s minds. The reality is, this will never happen; however, there is a part of me that wants it. The truth is we do have power. The key will be to recognize it and know how to use it. The Bible says we have power. Are you curious to know what it says?
~Pastor Tony Montenegro

Strange Words: All Your Soul 08-26-2017

When one thinks of the word soul, there are certain theological ideas that come to mind. To understand what Jesus describes using the term soul requires us to explore the meaning of the word that is translated in English as soul. God made the soul and invites us to “LOVE with ALL Your Soul.”
Pastor Nate Elias

Strange Words: All Your Heart 08-19-2017

The human heart is made up of four sections. Each section has a purpose that is needed for the heart to function properly. Humanity is called upon to love God with all one’s heart. Is it possible that even professed Christians struggle to love God fully and, as such, a Christian’s love for God is like a heart with only two or three sections properly functioning?

~Pastor Nate Elias


Today we welcome Kevin Kossick, VP of Education for the Georgia-Cumberland Conference, as our guest speaker. Let us keep in mind all the students and teachers – in private school, public school, or home school – that are beginning a new school year. Pray that each one has a blessed year full of great accomplishments and increased learning.

2017 Teachers 07-29-2017

Information and knowledge are said to be doubling at a rate of every 18 months. Five hundred years ago, knowledge doubled about every 100 years. One hundred years ago, knowledge doubled in about 25 years. IBM believes they will continue the “progress” by handling “doubling of knowledge every 12 hours.” God calls some to leadership by gifting them in teaching.
~Pastor Nate Elias