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Unveiled Eyes 01-27-2018

“Hidden Pictures” was one of my favorite activities in the children’s magazine Highlights. I found it challenging, fun, and exciting. Truly it was the only fun thing to do while waiting to see the doctor. I realize that sometimes in life’s situations the hidden figure is God. And I wonder, how can I see God? Does God’s being there depend on my knowing that God is there, or is God there regardless of me recognizing His presence? I admit that in order for me to “know” I must be willing to see beyond what is before me.
~Pastor Tony Montenegro

One for One at One 01-20-2018

We are on a continuum of experience with Jesus Christ. This is a beautiful never-ending journey with the Savior. Instead of accepting Jesus as one’s Savior being the finale, it is the beginning of a new era. Who do you know on the continuum of life that needs a new era? What can you do to show the beauty of this new era?
~Pastor Nate Elias

God’s Way or the Other Way 01-13-2018

In the current state of society we live in, with social media, advertising, and Hollywood all fighting for your attention and wanting you to bend to their newest ideas, it can be difficult to find the right way to live our lives. What is the way that God has planned for you? How can you be sure you are living in God’s will?
~Devin Lilly

How to Start the New Year 01-06-2018

Today we welcome Dr. Steve Case as our guest speaker. When not traveling around the world leading mission trips or speaking on youth ministry or the book of Revelation, Dr. Case calls the Sacramento, CA area home. We appreciate Dr. Case sharing today as well as for our series coming February 9 – 17.

Remember 12-23-2017

From the food we eat, to the way we decorate the house, to the music we hear – all should remind us of the reason for the season. It is very human-like to be forgetful and need reminding. I invite you to pause for a moment from the hustle and bustle, and remember why we celebrate Christmas. The reason is in the name!
~Pastor Tony Montenegro

The Missing Gift 12-16-2017

We as Christians overcomplicate, confuse, and often hide the beautiful, simple message that Jesus and only Jesus saves humanity from sin. For us to be Christians, the gift – Jesus Christ – must be our only message to a world in need of a Savior.

~Pastor Nate Elias

The Hidden Gift 12-02-2017

Have you ever realized, after the fact, that you received a gift you didn’t even realize you had been given? The greatest gift ever given has also been the greatest hidden gift that many have never realized. What are you doing with the found hidden gift?
~Pastor Nate Elias

The Thankless Or The Thankful

When we think of being thankful, we often measure our level of thankfulness by the material possessions we have amassed. What would it be like to be thankful even if the material possessions were absent? So if you subtract your material possessions, for what else can you be thankful?

~Pastor Nate Elias