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Living Relational Organism 09-22-2018

What is the purpose of the church? This is a question I have thought of before and as I reflect, I realize that the question should be stated, what is the purpose of our church or better yet, What is the purpose of our PTC SDA church? To find the answer to this question we are required to dive deeper within and find the core of what makes us who we are. Because in order for our church to continue its existence, we must find what is the energy behind what we do and what makes us unique.
~Pastor Tony Montenegro

The Power of Three 08-04-2018

The Church, the School, and the Home are the most powerful tools God uses to develop the human mind, body, and spirit. Developing not just a working relationship but a thriving relationship between the church, school, and home gives God the best opportunity to reach both young and old alike.

~Pastor Nate Elias

He Still Wins 07-28-2018

Daniel 7 take us from the local experiences of the battle between good and evil, seen in the narratives of Daniel 1 – 6, and opens our minds to the cosmic war that is being waged against God and His people. Just as the narratives remind us that no matter the outward appearance, Daniel 7 shows us that God is in control, and He will win!
~Pastor Nate Elias