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Today we welcome Kevin Kossick, VP of Education for the Georgia-Cumberland Conference, as our guest speaker. Let us keep in mind all the students and teachers – in private school, public school, or home school – that are beginning a new school year. Pray that each one has a blessed year full of great accomplishments and increased learning.

2017 Teachers 07-29-2017

Information and knowledge are said to be doubling at a rate of every 18 months. Five hundred years ago, knowledge doubled about every 100 years. One hundred years ago, knowledge doubled in about 25 years. IBM believes they will continue the “progress” by handling “doubling of knowledge every 12 hours.” God calls some to leadership by gifting them in teaching.
~Pastor Nate Elias

2017 Apostles 06-24-2017

We begin a five-sermon series on Paul’s five leadership positions in the church – Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors (Shepherds), and Teachers. Two questions to ask ourselves in 2017 – “Why does Paul state that these leaders are in need?” and “Do we effectively include these leaders in our church community?”
~Pastor Nate Elias

The Discipline of Solitude

If asked to define your spiritual journey, what would be your response? I know my response would contain more of what I have accomplished than what truly has given me spiritual success. Accomplishments’ effects are temporary – what is lasting and permanent is a deep-rooted connection with God. The question then is, how do I establish and maintain that deep-rooted connection?
Pastor Tony Montenegro

The Foundation 05-27-2017

A foundation is often thought of as something to be built upon. When we describe God as our foundation, we are only describing a beginning point for what God plans to do in our lives. We can’t build our foundation nor can we build the house upon the foundation. When we choose to be Christians, God is the designer, contractor, and decorator of our lives. ~Pastor Nate Elias

Growing 05-20-2017

We are a thriving faith community bound together by a desire to be like Christ, genuinely demonstrating God’s extravagant love and compassion for humanity. We are known for education, whole person wellness, and serving others. We accept people where they are as children of God and desire for them the vibrant life that Christ provides, now and forever.

To invite our community into a redemptive relationship with Jesus Christ, welcoming people from all walks of life to experience unconditional acceptance within a loving church family.

Counter the Culture 05-06-2017

Our society identifies success by bank accounts, material possessions, beautiful features, and job promotions. A church’s success is measured in membership, giving, and building size. Rarely do we even as Christians measure success as losing. The Son of God was successful because He died. We are invited into his success by losing ourselves. ~Pastor Nate Elias