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Imago Dei 1-26-2019

Have you wondered what it would be like to have Jesus physically on earth today in 2019. Would he be our friend on social media? Would he be into gaming, sports or entertainment? Would he fit the mold of today’s hero or role model? I really don’t know. What I do know is that Jesus is already here on earth in 2019, and you don’t have to look far to find him!
Pastor Tony Montenegro

Freedom 07-14-2018

I believe God created humanity with an innate desire to seek and to have freedom. Freedom to believe, freedom to live, freedom to choose, and freedom from anything that will hinder spiritual growth and keep humanity enslaved in sin. Christ did not die so that we would walk this journey called life yoked to chains called self-doubt, worthlessness, and sin. Christ died so that we could live this life with dignity, peace, love, strength, and freedom. Christ has empowered us to stand in freedom from all that would destroy our lives. At times, that begins in our own head and our own heart. The question is, will you allow Christ’s sacrifice to give you the freedom that your life needs, or will you continue living enslaved with believing you are unworthy of freedom?

~Pastor Tony Montenegro

Oxygen At Its Finest 06-16-2018

Many of us have gotten cut by a knife, scissors, or paper. All of these methods of getting cut hurt and might even make the strongest amongst us cry. The healing of these wounds takes time, protection, and a little TLC. The same can be said of the wounds we have deeper within our souls. The reality is that the wounds of our hearts and minds require much more than antibiotics. These wounds need the healing touch of the great Creator God.
– Pastor Tony Montenegro

Unveiled Eyes 01-27-2018

“Hidden Pictures” was one of my favorite activities in the children’s magazine Highlights. I found it challenging, fun, and exciting. Truly it was the only fun thing to do while waiting to see the doctor. I realize that sometimes in life’s situations the hidden figure is God. And I wonder, how can I see God? Does God’s being there depend on my knowing that God is there, or is God there regardless of me recognizing His presence? I admit that in order for me to “know” I must be willing to see beyond what is before me.
~Pastor Tony Montenegro

Remember 12-23-2017

From the food we eat, to the way we decorate the house, to the music we hear – all should remind us of the reason for the season. It is very human-like to be forgetful and need reminding. I invite you to pause for a moment from the hustle and bustle, and remember why we celebrate Christmas. The reason is in the name!
~Pastor Tony Montenegro

Living Power 09-23-2017

At the end of a superhero movie, I tend to imagine myself with one of their powers. I have a suspicion, I am not alone in this imagining. Be honest – you have thought of what power you would want. Maybe the ability to fly, have superhuman strength, be invisible, or read people’s minds. The reality is, this will never happen; however, there is a part of me that wants it. The truth is we do have power. The key will be to recognize it and know how to use it. The Bible says we have power. Are you curious to know what it says?
~Pastor Tony Montenegro

The Discipline of Solitude

If asked to define your spiritual journey, what would be your response? I know my response would contain more of what I have accomplished than what truly has given me spiritual success. Accomplishments’ effects are temporary – what is lasting and permanent is a deep-rooted connection with God. The question then is, how do I establish and maintain that deep-rooted connection?
Pastor Tony Montenegro

Transformational Anchoring 02-18-2017

Have you ever wondered what type of anchor the biggest cruise line uses to settle the ship?  I know I have.  With that in mind, I wonder if I have an anchor to settle my life’s ship in the midst of storms.  One thing I do know – those that have come before me have left a legacy that I can utilize and so can you. 

                                                                                                             ~Pastor Tony Montenegro

The Shepherd’s Desire 12-31-2016

Psalm 23 is considered one of the most beautiful poems in scripture and one of the best known passages.  I wonder, what made David write this psalm?  Many Biblical scholars believe it was during his later years that he wrote it.  It seems he was reminiscing about his life’s journey.  What he recalled was how God, the shepherd, at different moments in his life, desired to stay in connection with him.  As we are at the end of this year, I wonder, would we recall how God, our shepherd, has wanted to be in connection with you and me.  It might make a difference as we begin 2017.                                                                                                     ~Pastor Tony Montenegro


Kids R Us

We tend to put much more emphasis on an individual walking down the aisle and receiving his/her PhD diploma than when a child realizes that he/she is a child of God.  Far worse is when we assume that children are not capable of being used by God to share His message of good news.  I can only imagine and dream of the impact a child can have on the lives of people when we allow them the space to explore their Spiritual journey.  What an explosion that could be!!                   

~Pastor Tony Montenegro