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Dependent Freedom 07-07-2018

For Belshazzar, king of Babylon, God’s Freedom meant dependence that seemed impossible to accept. In God’s plan for the Hebrew captives, Belshazzar, as well as for you and me, God’s freedom is not about independence but rather a change in dependence.
~Pastor Nate Elias

Sovereignity 06-09-2018

God’s sovereignty, his supreme power and authority, continue to experience Satan’s constant challenge. Nebuchadnezzar struggled with the greatest human temptation, self exaltation. Daniel 4 pressed God’s sovereignty and challenged Nebuchadnezzar’s self exaltation..
– – Pastor Nate Elias

Let’s Dream 05-12-2018

OUR MISSION STATEMENT – We are a thriving faith community bound together by a desire to be like Christ, genuinely demonstrating God’s extravagant love and compassion for humanity. We are known for education, whole person wellness and serving others. We accept people where they are as children of God and desire for them the vibrant life that Christ provides, now and forever

Where Is Your Faith? 04-28-2018

Today we welcome a special guest speaker, Marc-Anthony Pierre, assistant chaplain from Southern Adventist University. Marc-Anthony graduated from Southern Adventist University with a degree in theology. His campus ministry focuses on innovation, discipleship, and mentoring. We look forward to hearing what he shares with us today.

God’s Triumph – Gave 04-21-2018

God made a covenant with Abraham that if he would leave “confusion and chaos” and follow Him to a place to be announced, Abraham would be blessed. The Hebrews, including Daniel, return to “confusion and chaos” to rediscover the importance of following God. Throughout the learning to follow, God is not absent or aloof but rather repeatedly, God “gave.”

~Pastor Nate Elias

God’s Ultimate Triumph 04-07-2018

When considering the book of Daniel, exploring the culture, era and redemptive history challenges us as readers to consider how the God of the universe would allow his people to be taken captive by “polydemonic” nation such as Babylon. We must seek answers to God’s purpose and what is His “Ultimate Triumph.”
~Pastor Nate Elias

Seventh Day Matters 03-24-2018

In a world where we often demand personal control, God introduced at Creation a concept the demands complete surrender of control. Surrender of control sounds foreign and living it feels outright repulsive. Why would God want, expect, and demand this type of surrender from His prized earthly creation?
~Pastor Nate Elias