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God Encounters – Ananias 10-26-2019

“What if we could answer this question: ‘What if I don’t follow God’s call for my life?’ Ellen White shares this thought: ‘There are many who try to reform by correcting this or that bad habit, and they hope in this way to become Christians, but they are beginning in the wrong place. Our first work is with the heart.’ ” –Pastor Nate Elias

God Encounters–Saul 10-19-2019

“What if my spiritual journey is for God rather than with God? Too many times in the life of a Christian, efforts to be like Christ turn into trying to do something for Christ. The God-given invitation is to “abide in Christ.” This change in effort requires surrender of control and results in the greatest freedom and peace of the soul.” – Pastor Nate Elias

God Encounters–Cornelius 9-21-2019

“Cornelius’ regular practice of the spiritual discipline of prayer, meditation and serving others prepared him to respond to the Spirit of God calling him to action. By acting, not only was Cornelius transformed, but also the entire Christian church.” –Pastor Nate Elias

God Encounters – Elijah 08-31-2019

No matter how much effort we put into being perfect, we do and will continue to make mistakes. Too often we fear God’s response to our incomplete perfection. God shows through His encounter with Elijah that he actually wants us to realize our incomplete perfection. That’s when He goes to work to transform us. —-Pastor Nate Elias

God Encounters – Hannah 8-24-2019

“One of the unrealized hindrances to the Christian experiencing the fullness of God in one’s life is built up resentment and hurt. God invites each of us into forgiveness and healing that opens our hearts to a greater encounter with Him.” –Pastor Nate Elias

God Encounters–Abram 8-10-2019

One of the popular attractions in California is Hollywood’s Walk of Fame.  In Scripture, there are individuals described as having extraordinary encounters with God which have become larger than life.  Today, we look at how God shaped Abram’s life through direct personal encounters.  

Pastor Nate Elias 


Celebrate 5-25-2019

What does God celebrate? In our experience with God, He invites us to not only do the works He is doing around us, but also to celebrate what He celebrates. What is it that God celebrates?                                                                                  Pastor Nate Elias