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What is that Pleasing Aroma? 12-18-2021

God used the sense of smell to make a point within the sacrificial system of how important those sacrifices were. In all of its forms, the sacrificial system pointed to the self-sacrificing life of Jesus Christ that led Him to the cross, where His blood was spilled and His body broken for all of us. When fully and completely surrendered to Him, our lives can be a pleasing aroma to Him, as well. –Pastor Denny Grady

The Sign of Silence 12-11-2021

Sometimes the only way to see what God is up to is to be silent, and watch, and wait. Four hundred and thirty years of silence take place from the time of Prophet Malachi to the Christmas story we find Matthew’s Gospel. Yet, amidst the silence, God was working to bring about humanity’s deliverance through a helpless, vulnerable baby born in the humblest circumstances imaginable. Out of the long silence came the revelation: God With Us! –Pastor Denny Grady

The Prophet that Stole Christmas 12-04-2021

Advent is the prelude to Christmas. Advent points to the arrival of a notable person, thing, or event. Everything we have been taught about what happens at Advent, and what we believe this time of year, is to be a happy and cheerful time, right? From the book of Malachi comes a very different message than what we may have come to believe through the years! Advent is first and foremost about repentance and heart preparation. –Pastor Denny Grady

Unconstrained Gratitude 11-27-2021

What do the following people in the Bible have in common: Miriam, David, Mary (Mother of Jesus), the 10th Leper? They all expressed unconstrained gratitude to God. God’s goodness compels us to be unconstrained in our gratitude for His deliverance, for His affirmation, for His calling, for His healing, and for Jesus! –Pastor Denny Grady

Help Unwanted 10-30-2021

Asking for help is something many of us avoid. However, faith is the catalyst for asking, and asking is the catalyst for healing. God invites us to come to Him and ask Him for what we need, trusting that He is the source of all good gifts and has the answer we need the most. –Pastor Denny Grady

The Cloak of Christ’s Compassion 10-16-2021

“Spending time with Jesus is a sure way to keep your heart from becoming hardened by the stresses and challenges of Christian living. Those who don the cloak of Christ’s compassion are best prepared to serve others when they learn this lesson of dependency early on.” –Pastor Denny Grady