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Stepping into Miracle Territory 7-31-2021

Homer Dodge once said, “If you want to experience interesting things, you must put yourself where interesting things happen.” The same can be said about experiencing miracles, can’t it? Let’s spend some time together looking at how we can place ourselves in “miracle territory.” –Pastor Denny Grady

To Be Like Jesus 7-17-2021

“How can we be like someone as great and as perfect as Jesus? How can we maintain the character of Christ when we live in a desolate place? On the Island of Patmos, John got a glimpse of Christ’s selfless service as our Savior and High Priest, His holy character, and His refreshing voice. John’s recorded vision offers encouragement and strength as we strive to be like Jesus each day.” -Pastor Cody Paige

Maintaining Excellence 7-10-2021

“The secret to champions achieving success is the ability to maintain excellence over long stretches of time. Joseph did not allow his circumstances to change him–he changed his circumstances. He learned the valuable lesson that when you can’t hear the consistent voice of God, you must trust His constant presence.” –Pastor Cody Paige

Can They Build with You? 7-03-2021

The biblical book of Ezra teaches us a lot about what it takes to spiritually (and physically) build on a firm foundation. Along with needing wisdom, teamwork, discretion, perseverance, patience, and faithfulness, we also need the ability to say “yes” and “no” to people at the right times. God gives us the wisdom we need to persevere even amidst the most daunting circumstances. –Pastor Cody Paige

Seeking to Save 6-26-2021

Through the three parables found in Luke 15, we see how God reaches out to save what is lost. Who is God touching your heart to reach out to today? Remembering God’s love, patience, and compassion He has shown to us should inspire a gratitude and willingness to seek out and share with others who God is, and what He has done in our lives. –Grant Wolters

Fight for It! 6-19-2021

“There is a fascinating story in 1 Samuel 30 that involves David having to fight the Amalekites to gain back something he had lost while living in the territory of the Philistines. How did he go about it, and what brought about his success? What have YOU lost that you would like to take back? This Bible story has some priceless lessons within it that answer these questions, so let’s take a closer look together.” Pastor Cody Paige

The Enemy of Your Rebellion 6-12-2021

“What has happened this year that has convinced you that the anointing that God placed over you, previously, no longer matters? What has life done to you? Have you forgotten who you are and Who you serve? Better to go back and reset than go forward and regret.” Pastor Cody Paige

Go! 5-29-2021

How do we approach God when we’re not sure if we should “go” and we’re not too sure of the outcome? What is the balance between faith and presumption, passion and practicality? First, ask God the plan! Continue in prayer and ask Him to use our passions and anointing for His purposes and glory. Then, be prepared to go and do what He says. Pastor Cody Paige