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Lessons from Children 4-10-2021

“Jesus valued children very highly. In fact, He said that in order to see the kingdom of God adults must become like them. What did He mean by this? There are six very important principles we can learn from children for improving relationships–with God and with others. Let’s take a look at what they are.” –Skoog Fordham

Celebrating the Wrong Savior 4-03-2021

“The same crowd that sang ‘hosanna’ chanted ‘crucify him’ less than a week later. Why did the same crowd who loved Him on Sunday murder Him on Friday? Jesus came to fulfill God’s will, and He did so fully and completely. Easter reminds us that even when we don’t understand God’s will, we can always trust His heart.” –Pastor Cody Paige

The Between Temptations 3-13-2021

“Just like the Israelites, the desert is not intended to be our final destination, but rather, a necessary middle place where we will be formed as a people and established in our connection with God. What are we doing in our ‘land between?’ Don’t lose your perspective at this juncture of the journey!” –Pastor Cody Paige

Hard to Love 3-06-2021

“When we hear the words ‘unqualified love,’ what does that mean to us? In the Bible we are commanded to love. As Christians, we are also known by how we love (or don’t love). Jesus has shown us by His Word and by example how to love when confronted by hatred. How are we communicating and sharing this kind of love?” –Pastor Devin Lilly

Looking for Confirmation 2-13-2021

“What do we make our decisions based on? Fear or faith? Being stuck between a rock and a hard place is an opportunity for God to get you through what He has called you to. God makes great things happen in the crucible of challenge.” — Pastor Cody Paige