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A Universal Charger for the Church 9-24-2022

“God is our universal charger, giving us healing and help when we need it: in every time, place and situation. His presence with us should be a distinguishing mark! We are to be simultaneously both ‘one’ and ‘many’. The book of Acts challenges us to connect with people who are unlike ourselves.” – Pastor Denny Grady

Is it Time, Yet? 9-17-2022

“While no one knows the date of Jesus’ return, be forewarned the concept of an exponential function means that suddenly all the indicators will simultaneously spike–with blinding speed.” –Dwight Nelson, American Apocalypse, p. 157

“Great changes are soon to take place in our world, and the final movements will be rapid ones.” –Ellen G. White, Testimonies to the Church, vol. 9, p. 11.

Victory When One 9-3-22

“What does it look like to intentionally and collectively invite the Holy Spirit into the ministry of this church moving forward? What does it mean to invite the Holy Spirit into our lives and experience the kind of victory of being united with Christ and with each other?” –Grant Wolters

Clash of Kingdoms 8-27-2022

“We are not called, as Christians, to displays of power and glory. We are not called to be the biggest and the best. God is not calling us to the same old, fallen kingdom dressed up to look more presentable. He does not want you to be a better version of you; He wants you to be a growing version of Him. This, then, is the difference between the kingdom of heaven and the kingdom of earth.” –David Denton

Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places: Jesus the Fixer, Part III 8-20-2022

“Each of us harbors misplaced affections that have led to disappointment, shame, guilt, or hurt of some sort. Jesus knows what we are longing for, and He invites us to put our trust in Him to satisfy our hearts’ cravings. What are YOU thirsty for?” –Pastor Denny Grady

Getting Pulled out of Line at the Pool of Healing: Jesus the Fixer, Part II 8-13-2022

“Have you ever waited so incredibly long for something, only to miss out completely on it, or be disappointed by what you finally received? Are there spiritual beliefs, or even superstitions, that keep you back from really seeing Jesus at work in your heart and life? What can deferred hopes and disappointed dreams teach us about what it means to wait in hope and trust on Jesus? — Pastor Denny Grady

Preventing a Wedding Disaster: Jesus the Fixer, Part I 8-06-2022

“This event, in the early ministry of Jesus, just might be a living parable–a most significant object lesson that defines the Messiah’s purpose. Over and over again, Jesus uses a wedding to illustrate how the kingdom of God will come about, and how people are going to relate to it.” –Pastor Denny Grady

Matters of the Heart 7-23-2022

“How is your heart health today? Not necessarily how is the physical health of your heart, but that of your heart health in relationship with those around you? As we will see in the book of Obadiah, sometimes the problem lies not in what we do, but in what we don’t do.” –Pastor Devin Lilly, Guest Speaker