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Love Can Build A Bridge 11-28-2015


Mitch Hazekamp is the Conference Stewardship Director, the Conference Planned Giving and Trust Services Director, and the Secretary of the Georgia-Cumberland Association.  Thank you, Mitch Hazekamp, for sharing with us today.                                                                                                 

Living By Faith 05-16-2015

Faith is more than intellectual belief.  Faith in God is applied in every aspect of our life.  When we live by faith in ourselves our lives are littered with failures.  Strangely the record of our failures can serve as a catalyst to developing strong faith in God.

                                                                                               ~Pastor George Pangman

The Journey Home 04-11-2015

The stories of scripture are often a window through which we gain a clearer picture of God and our relationship to Him.  The story of the two sons reveals that the father’s desire was to provide a home for his children.  Closer examination reveals that not just one but both sons refused his offer.

                                                                         ~Pastor George Pangman               

The Darkest Hour 03-28-2015

The story of Christ’s agonizing night in Gethsemane, when the salvation of mankind was hanging in the balance, was the darkest night of His life.  Jesus was the focus of the war between the forces of good and the forces of evil.  The gospel accounts reveal the purpose and importance of prayer.

                                                                                    ~Pastor George Pangman

Are We There Yet? 02-28-2015

We’ve all taken trips.  When we begin the trip, we are excited and can’t wait to reach our destination.  But as time goes by, we grow tired and kids get bored and begin to ask the most provocative (and annoying) question, “Are We There Yet?”  The same is true for our spiritual life.  It’s a journey; it’s a trip, an adventure.  But we might get tired and bored.  The most important thing to remember is that eventually we will arrive at our destination and that God is traveling with us all the way.

                                                                                        ~Pastor Tony Montenegro

A Message That Matters 02-21-2015

The gospel does not make obsolete the God’s final message of  Revelation 14 – the Message relating to the Creator-Redeemer God and the basis of His judgment on each individual person, His warning concerning the spiritual power that opposes Him is vital in our salvation, and the salvation of others.

                                                                                       ~Pastor George Pangman

Salt 02-07-2015

This morning we welcome Pastor Ted Huskins, Executive Secretary of the Northern New England Conference of Seventh-day Adventists.  Ted and his wife, Cynthia, are also the chief officers of Coleman Stewardship Services.  Their passion is to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ through the teaching of the Biblical principles of stewardship.

God’s Resume’ 01-24-2015

Looking for a God?  Who is the most qualified?  The God of scripture had two primary qualifications that He possessed that are totally unique.  These two qualifications leave no doubt that He alone is worthy of our loyalty, worship, and praise.            

                                                                                   ~Pastor George Pangman