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Freedom 07-14-2018

I believe God created humanity with an innate desire to seek and to have freedom. Freedom to believe, freedom to live, freedom to choose, and freedom from anything that will hinder spiritual growth and keep humanity enslaved in sin. Christ did not die so that we would walk this journey called life yoked to chains called self-doubt, worthlessness, and sin. Christ died so that we could live this life with dignity, peace, love, strength, and freedom. Christ has empowered us to stand in freedom from all that would destroy our lives. At times, that begins in our own head and our own heart. The question is, will you allow Christ’s sacrifice to give you the freedom that your life needs, or will you continue living enslaved with believing you are unworthy of freedom?

~Pastor Tony Montenegro

Abba, Father 06-02-2018

“God decided in advance to adopt us into his own family by bringing us to himself through Jesus Christ. This is what he wanted to do, and it gave him great pleasure.” – Ephesians 1:5

Jefferson Bethke writes, “There are a few states in the United States that have adoption laws and protections specifically for kids who’ve been adopted and their adoptive parent dies. When a parent writes a will, they can later on write their biological child out of the will, but if it’s an adopted child, they cannot. The state actually gives more protection and security to the adopted child. This is a beautiful picture of us with God.”

– Alexy Gatica

Power Pac Youth Rally 01-31-2015 (afternoon session)

Speaker, Lisa Clark Diller teaches early modern history at
Southern Adventist University. With her free
time she enjoys being part of three book clubs,
one cycling club, and playing with her ten
nieces and nephews.
She and her husband live in an urban
community in Chattanooga, TN where they
garden, church plant, and thrive in the care of
their neighbors.

Power Pac Youth Rally 01-31-2015 (morning session)

Speaker – Brandy Kirstein

Brandy was raised in a family with Mormon
and Nazarene roots. In the midst of pursuing a
career as an actress, Brandy learned about the
incredible love of Jesus and trustworthiness of
Scripture and committed her life to Jesus Christ. She
attended SAU where she received her BA in
Religious Education and became a licensed Bible
teacher. After SAU, she was a Bible worker at Forest
Lake Church for only one year because she met her
amazing husband, Brennon Kirstein. Brandy
returned to school and received a BS in Nursing and
is presently working as a Lactation Consultant
Nurse. Brennon and Brandy have two young children
– Jax and Scarlett. “The Lord has blessed me
abundantly and I have not regretted one moment
since I have surrendered my life to Him. I could not
live without Him and by His grace He will be my All.”

Power Pac Youth Rally 01-30-2015

Speaker – Garrison Hayes
I am passionate about fusing art and ministry in a
way that we have never seen before in our church.
As a chaplain, I am excited to see how the same
creative God of Genesis 1, will re-create, and
mold, and shape each student into his image
through meaningful, intentional worship