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Members Staying Connected
Did you know?

Mikaela Smith is a Georgia girl at heart, raised in Tyrone, even though she lived in Broomfield Colorado for 7 years with her stepdad and sisters.

She has been attending PTC Church for nearly two years now as an adult, but she remembers having sabbath school in the basement of the church as a young girl when it was a completely open space.  Having potluck lunches down there, and “church in the hill” are some of her favorite memories as a kid.

Mikaela works as a medical assistant at Family Medicine specialists four days a week as well as a server at a restaurant in Buckhead on Sunday’s.  She loves the people aspect and customer service at both jobs. Interacting with people, having the opportunity to hear stories, and knowing there is constant potential for receiving or giving inspiration driven by the Holy Spirit is deeply motivating for her.  Even on the hard days, she stays reminded that people’s attitudes are not necessarily a reflection of her, but more so of something they could be going through personally.  It drives her to maintain an outgoing, spirited disposition because she could be the one person that shows them the love they are in need of despite how they might be treating her.

Mikaela’s favorite hobbies include wood burning, singing, writing, sitting outside, and spending time with her family and friends.  Nothing beats quality time with the people you love!  Nothing rejuvenates the soul quite like investing in people and activities that give peace.

Being intentional and mindful helps her stay connected with God. Making sure she spends time sitting still with her journal and Bible open, are her favorite ways to open communication with God daily.  She starts with a prayer opening her heart and mind to Him and just allow Him to move her spirit where it needs to go.  Sometimes she’s inspired by God to write poems, read specific scriptures, or spend time just being quiet and letting His peace come into her heart.  She tries not to assign too much routine or expectation to her quality time with God because like Pastor Nate has said: “God doesn’t belong in a box.” He’s constantly evolving her understanding of what it means to have a relationship with Him so there’s no sense in walking into devotional time with expectations of how He wants to speak into her that day.

Mikaela’s message to the church is: “I love y’all so much!  I miss hugging y’all and seeing yalls faces each week, that was always such a pure blessing for me. I know many of us are still very much so quarantined and that can make it so difficult to maintain a spirit of joy and optimism, but God is intentional and will get all of us through everything we’re facing.”

OUR VISION – We are a thriving faith community bound together by a desire to be like Christ, genuinely demonstrating God’s extravagant love and compassion for humanity.  We are known for education, whole person wellness, and serving others.  We accept people where they are as children of God and desire for them the vibrant life that Christ provides, now and forever.

OUR MISSION – To invite our community into a redemptive relationship with Jesus Christ, welcoming people from all walks of life to experience unconditional acceptance within a loving church family.


September [email protected] 10am

September [email protected] 10am

Save the Date: 45th Anniversary HOMECOMING 

For more information about these and other events, click here.


All future services will be transmitted live for those unable to attend.  Please visit our YouTube Channel Sabbath mornings at10:00 am. 


 If you ever want to listen to a past sermon, you can find them on our church website under Worship then Sermons.  Click HERE to go to the sermon directory. 

There are also podcasts of sermons available on iTunes and Google Play!  For iTunes, click HERE and for Google Play, click HERE.

Did you know?

Lee and Charlene Thompson met at Southern “Matrimonial” College many years ago. Charlene was born in Toccoa, GA and as an airforce child, lived in several places over the world. Lee was born in Paris, Idaho, and also lived in several places moving throughout the states including Hawaii, due to his father’s job as a Literature Evangelist.

Lee and Charlene got married and moved to  Honduras to work in a children’s nutritional hospital while he was a junior in college, and then got drafted to the Army. He went as a medic and trained to go to Vietnam. The ship changed route and ended in Okinawa where they worked for 2 years. They worked in Oregon and Washington in a lab and a fertilizer plant.  Lee started as director of Marketing and ended up being the president of different corporations. He went back to Southern and took business, and then moved to Atlanta.

They came to PTC looking for a church and found Nancy and Aline Travis who talked them into moving to our church. They drove all the way from Carrolton to have their son attend Shoal Creek Adventist School.  Now, Lee is working on a non-disclosure ministry project where Charlene is his Editor, which keeps them busy every day. They both enjoy keeping busy in work and projects. 

The Thompsons stay connected to God through their faith in the midst of daily challenges, where they learn to depend on God for everything they do. They stay praying for their grandson Donovan and his family.

Their message to the church is: “Is important to know God! As Seventh-day Adventists, we think we know him but sometimes not personally.  As we get close to the end, we need to have a personal relationship with God.  Jesus came to reveal God to us and we need to listen to him. God is going to teach us, through the relationship between the father and the son. Let’s focus on what God’s purpose is for our lives and who God is.”

Pastor’s News:

Dear church family, please listen to this important message from Pastor Nate Elias and his family by clicking HERE.


Peachtree City Adventist Church Board approved steps
for our New Worship Experience.


1. Social Distancing of at least 6ft between families while entering and exiting buildings. Seating (Rows) separated by 10ft. 

2. No congregating to visit before or after church services inside the buildings.

3. Masks required while inside the building with the exception of people on stage. (This is to protect other members from contracting COVID.)

4. No in-person Sabbath School classes until Shoal Creek Adventist School (SCAS) is in session with students attending and SCAS has a working cleaning procedure.

5. Limit gatherings size to 80 people. 

6. Have two worship services to accommodate social distancing and at-risk members in attendance. 9:00am Traditional Service & 11:30am Contemporary Service.

7. Offerings will be collected in locked boxes near the entrance and exit of the gym.

8. People will be ushered to exits at the end of service to discourage visiting inside the buildings.

9. No food or drinks will be provided by the church (no fellowship lunches, no coffee, etc)

10. Hand Sanitation Stations will be located at each entrance and exit the building.

11. Disinfecting of the building including Spraying or wiping down of all chairs and equipment between church services and after the last service, disinfecting and thorough cleaning of floors, bathrooms, entrance, and gym weekly. 

12.  Cleaning of high use surfaces at least once during each worship service.

13. No Parent/Children room at this time.

14. Anyone exhibiting signs of illness will be asked to leave the church premise immediately.

15. Attendance photographs will be taken during each service for the process of contact tracing when a COVID case has been identified. 

Church Activities (2020)

We have been blessed by coming together during outdoor vespers.

Jaime Jorge gives an outdoor vespers concert.

The Audio-Visual team gets ready to record the online service.



Upcoming Events:

September 17-Wheel Day
September 21-25-Week of Worship
September 29-MAPS Testing-Grades 3-8
October 3-Education Sabbath 
Bells will be performing

October 14-18-Fall Break

Email: [email protected]
Phone: (540) 335-1806

 For more information about the school and events, click here.





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