Part 7: Nevermind the Rod, Spare the Staff

We are looking into 10 ways to help you discover how to find your role in the body of Christ. I encourage you to consider each step as it comes and give it a try for a week or so. Invite God to do big things!

5) Level up. “Too many chiefs and not enough indians”? Au contraire. We need leaders. Good church leadership isn’t necessarily about knowing the most, being powerful, or dazzling with charisma. Leading means you care and are willing to make sure valuable experiences happen well. Leading is serving, listening, collaborating, delegating, empowering. It is focus, patience, integrity, creativity, open-mindedness, accountability, persistence. More leaders means less burden per leader, which means everyone thrives. More leaders means your pastor has time and energy for his primary mission of nurturing the flock. Children’s’ Sabbath School classes are precious and rewarding and always in need of more help. Events need leadership and organizational skills. There are opportunities of all kinds, and, yes, you can! You might be surprised how many people are simply waiting for someone to lead the way.