Part 1: What Happens When I Let Go?

If you had told me a few years ago that I would soon be helping to facilitate small group discussions, I would’ve soundly rejected the notion. If you said that some of those people would be teenagers, I would question your grasp of reality (I mean, seriously, who has better fraud detectors than young people?). If you then said I’d be a 37-year-old mom picking up a new drum hobby, I would have secretly felt a little giddy on the inside. When you mentioned I’d be playing on stage, I’d firmly disagree, but run away screaming, just in case.

When God has plans for an insecure, spiritually-hungry introvert, the unlikely happens. It took years, but God meandered with me to the foot of Grace and helped me come to terms with the reality that if I truly believe in him, in the way he has presented himself to us, I have to truly believe HIM. I have to trust him. I have to go all-in. That’s when God showed me that the people I’d surrounded myself with were safe people – people like me who want to do right by him and by each other.

Join me here next time as I share more of my personal journey of discovering my role in the body of Christ.