Dr. Philip Samaan


Dr. Philip Samaan is presently a theology professor at Southern Adventist University. Prior to this he was a professor at the Theological Seminary at Andrews University, also serving as director of the Doctor of Ministry program, the Center for Continuing Education for Ministry, and the M.A. in Pastoral Ministry.

Dr. Samaan was born in the biblical city of Antioch in the country of Syria on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. Thus, he comes to the subject of Middle East politics and religion from the standpoint of a native observer. He was raised in a Christian home in an area of the world where the three monotheistic religions, Judaism, Islam, and Christianity compete over territory and influence. As a teenager in the 1960’s, Samaan immigrated to the United States. You will find his personal perspective refreshing and his theological insights timely.

Among his published works are the books Blood Brothers, Portraits of the Messiah, Christ’s Way to Pray, Christ’s Way of Reaching People, Christ’s Way to Spiritual Growth, Christ’s Way of Making Disciples, and Christ’s Way to Restoration.

Each attendee will receive a copy of Dr. Samaan’s book, “Christ’s Method Alone” to use in our study.

7:00 pm, Friday, Feb. 22 “Islam-Difficult Questions, Clear Answers”
10:00 am, Saturday, Feb. 23 “Christ’s Method Alone”
2:30 pm, Saturday, Feb. 23 Workshop
6:00 pm, Saturday, Feb. 23 “How to Witness to Your Child”